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Ann Hubbard, a musician and Juilliard graduate, began her study in sculpture and drawing in 1985 at Emerson College, East Sussex, UK.
She is certified to teach Waldorf Method K-12 Sculpture and Pedagogical Modeling.
In 2006 she completed the Rudolf Steiner College Remedial Education Course, Sacramento, CA.
Retirement from music in 2015, she followed her artistic studies while teaching at Community School for Creative Education, Oakland, CA.
Ann lives in Lake County, CA where she enjoys an inspiring environment that promotes her artistic endeavors ... More Biography »
Signed prints in various sizes of drawings below are available for purchase.
She is currently expanding her teaching activities: individual instruction & classes for children also now available... Examples »
Contact Ann at: PencilsAndClay2@gmail.com or call (707) 367-6530

Five Points Of View ... When viewing a 3-dimensional form, one cannot see the other sides. In life this is also true when talking about points of view

Indian Dreams ... Forms that came to me during a day-dream reminding me of the Southwest

Ancient Warrior-Modern Data Man
... Every modern person has an ancient warrior inside, waiting to do battle
Walking Away ... A new start in life, a fresh beginning
Two Trees ... A hidey-hole under the trees
Woman's Harvest ... A woman's work is never done
Speaking With One Voice ... Beware of the blind leading the blind
A Spector ... Destiny keeping an eye on you
Children's Projects in Classes:
First we must learn to crawl. Modeling figures in movement helps to straighten the body’s understanding of how the body moves.
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          Expressing an idea onto a page is the first challenge for a child. Bringing a piece of that idea into the third dimension makes the idea reality. This reality can then be changed to better reflect the intention of the child. This process builds self-awareness, and confidence in the child. It is important for the child to have a voice, to express what the inner eye sees. In drawing and clay, that voice can be kept and examined over time, it is not lost in the clutter and confusion of daily life.
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          Ann Hubbard attended Fremont High School in Mt. View, CA from 1958 – 62, and studied Bassoon at the Juilliard School of Music in New York from 1962 - 63, 1965 - 66 on scholarship, The Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia from 1964 – 65, and began her Teacher Training in Waldorf Education, specifically Pedagogical Modeling and Sculpture, at Emerson College in E. Sussex England from 1984 - 1988. She continued her studies with the Remedial Education Course at Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento, CA from 2003 – 2006. Ann returned to Sussex to reprise her studies in Clay in early 2017.

          As a musician, Ann played the Stanford University Music Department, Carmel Bach Festival, Principal Bassoon in the Monterey Symphony, San Jose Symphony, Midsummer Mozart Festival Orchestra, Principal Bassoon in: the Lake County Symphony, Ukiah Symphony, Symphony of the Redwoods, and was Founder, Manager and Bassoonist with La Voce del Vento (The Voice of the Winds) Chamber Players.

          Ann retired from playing Bassoon in 2015 to follow her artistic studies and to teach the Clay Program at the Community School for Creative Education in Oakland from 2015 to 2017. Ann's Sculpture studies included black and white drawing which has been a compelling force ever since. Ann lives in beautiful Lake County, CA where she enjoys a quiet environment. She likes to cook, read, watch movies, and to see the clouds go by.

          Black and White and all the Tones In-Between: offer a direct experience of form uncomplicated by other considerations. This invitation to explore form from Second Dimension coming into the Third Dimension, opens the window to representations of moments in life, experiences, of questions unanswered, or simply illustrations of a story.

          Color: I tint prints of some of my black and white drawings to expand on the mood. An occasional water color may turn up.

          Photographs: I find the monochromatic photo to be the most compelling, exploring light, perspective and luminescence until I see a moment when clouds and earth are one, a reflection of the heavens brought to earth. The power of nature is so clear in the clouds, I like to capture moments when it really shows itself.

          Pencil Drawings can be a copy of something seen, can be used to illustrate an idea, or to capture a mood by spreading graphite in such a way that only a dream exists, like smoke in the air.

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